The chanelerose brand has always been associated with the highest quality of ceramic products for the home. The company has grown from a medium-sized pottery store producing simple pottery, salt-glazed earthenware jars and even flower pots to one of the best-known designers and marketers of tableware, drinkware, ceramic accessories, gifts and other products.
Our History
The chanelerose market was defined as “as far as you can get by horse and buggy and go home the same day”.
As we expanded our pottery and business horizons, we transformed from an agriculture-based society to a manufacturing-driven urban economy.
chanelerose is now able to offer its customers a complete assortment of innovative kitchen preparation and cooking tools, as well as the world’s finest dinnerware, drinking utensils and tableware. It has a long tradition of excellence in craftsmanship, quality and service. Today, this tradition extends as never before to the best and most diverse range of home products offered in the best home brands. This commitment to responding to customers that